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About us

Company Statement

AQUAffection emerged as a response to the escalating strain on South African water sources caused by climate change and the resulting shifts in weather patterns. Presently ranked as the 30th driest nation globally, South Africa is projected to become an extremely water-scarce country by 2025.


It is imperative for South Africans to undergo a profound mindset shift in their water consumption habits and adopt a radically different approach to managing this invaluable resource.

Water is an essential element for the survival of all living organisms. Hence, it necessitates being regarded as our most precious asset, without which our existence would be impossible. It is this notion that inspired the name AQUAffection, combining "AQUA" (water) and "Affection" (fondness, love, care) - a manifestation of our deep appreciation for water…..for the love of water.

Recognising that the appropriate handling of water can yield economic, environmental, social, and health benefits, our company strives to make a positive impact across all sectors. From rural environments, where access to water for survival is critical, to industrial and commercial applications, where consumption is substantial for production and manufacturing processes, we aim to provide comprehensive assistance.

We have identified a pressing need to manage and conserve water in South Africa, and our company is dedicated to offering top-quality products and services related to water conservation.


Gerrie Brink

Founder and Managing Director

Our Mission

To ensure that all people have the knowledge to use water efficiently

Providing superior products and services to ensure sustainable water use

Establishing longevity of finite water sources through strategic partnerships

Improving the quality of life of South Africans through Water Conservation

Helping South Africans understand, conserve and manage their water consumption

Doing our part to move from water scarcity to water surplus by 2025

Target icin

Our Promise

To create opportunities and to educate people from all walks of life on how to take responsibility of their immediate environments, providing the tools and knowledge, and delivering high-quality service, products and applications with the main priority to collectively have a sustainable impact on the environment, economy and community to get to Surplus Water by 2025

Brand Values

  • Quality products and installations;

  • Sustainable and responsible use of natural resources – especially water;

  • Collaboration and engagement with customers and suppliers to find the best solutions;

  • Knowledge sharing; and

  • Creating Value

  • Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

Company photo

Our Clients

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