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  • Aldert Brink

Nothing will change, UNLESS…

What influence do you as a single ordinary person really have?

Being a CEO, teacher, domestic worker or owner of your own small business, all of us influences other people and the environment every day in different ways. Even the smallest act, contribute to a larger outcome. When last did you, for example, use a one cent coin? One cent coins are out of use in South Africa, but one rand stil consists of 100 cents. Thus, one cent is still significant.

The same can be argued for water. A thousand 1 ml drops of water, makes 1 liter. The entire ocean actually consists of an uncountable amount of drops of water. One drop less is one significant drop less. Every human being on the planet has a tremendous daily impact on the environment and water.

We sometimes unconsciously argue that one drop of water will not be missed, but let us do an easy calculation:

  • Say for example 50 million people in South-Africa wastes 1 milliliter of water daily.

  • That will amount to 50 kiloliter water going to waste per day.

  • That is enough water for the daily use of a 1000 people.

I would venture to say that far more than 1 milliliter of water per person goes to waste on a daily basis, in South Africa. There is many reasons for this, ranging from municipalities not fixing leaking pipes to uninformed or uneducated individuals, or those who just do not care. It is safe to say that keeping taps running while brushing teeth and flushing toilets with more water than necessary, wastes more water than 1 milliliter per person per day. We as individuals should start becoming aware and understand our own individual impact.

To quote Dr Suess from his children’s story The Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

What can we as individuals do about it?

Calculate your own daily water usage.

Being aware that every individual’s way of living has a huge impact, is an important start. Think of the effect it has and of ways to save and recycle water.

Teach our young ones.

Parents can help their children understand why and how we can save water. Teachers work with children everyday and have the opportunity to speak to them on a regular basis. Set an example. Tip: Use Dr Suess’ The Lorax as a starting point.

Use your influence.

You may be in a decision making position and lead the way in changing the way your organisation uses water. For example schools, shopping centres, factories, body corporates of residential estates, developers, to name but a few.

Contact AQUAffection...

AQUAffection has a wide range of products and expertise to assist you. Start by converting your toilet flushing system with our patented water saving flush-system or let’s help you with an installation of our state of the art water harvesting systems and greywater recycling systems.

We specialise in water management, monitoring, harvesting systems and water recycling/re-use. We already saved more than 70 million liter of water for clients in 2017 alone, that include shopping centres, wineries, factories, residential developments, schools and office buildings. Contact us for a solution that best suits you.

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