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Water Conservation

Water conservation update

South Africa is an amazing country. It is beautiful, has great people and provides endless opportunities…. but it has its challenges. One of these challenges is the availability of water. We are the 30th driest country in the world, and predictions are that we are going to be an extreme water scarce country by 2025. This is evident in the water crisis currently experienced in Cape Town. In fact, water scarcity is felt by many more than just Cape Town, but Cape Town just “enjoyed” the limelight a bit more that the rest. Nothing is going to change, even if we get all the rain we need, the supply of water from all our water sources is less than our demand. Cape Town is but the beginning of how we need to look at water in South Africa.

As a business, AQUAffection has done a lot of work to help customers monitor and reduce consumption, improve efficiencies, utilise alternative sources and re-use waste waste water - all across the country. We deliver these services, priding ourselves in high quality product and impeccable service - no compromise on that. All off this in pursuit of our main aim - Surplus water by 2025 #SurplusWater2025

In the last few months, AQUAffection has worked on the following big projects:

  • Steenberg Vineyards - Rainwater harvesting, borehole supply, filtration and municipal backup

  • The Wedge, Atterbury Properties, Pretoria - Rainwater harvesting, filtration and municipal backup

  • Tramshed Shopping Centre, Pretoria - Rainwater Harvesting, filtration and municipal backup

  • Future Nation Schools, Sifiso Learning Group, Fleurhof - Rainwater Harvesting, filtration and backup

  • Shoprite, Gauteng and Western Cape - Smart water metering and leak detection

  • Emira Property Fund, Gauteng - Water management at 24 commercial buildings

  • Highgrove Office Park, Gauteng - Smart water metering

  • 5 Domestic water conservation systems in Gauteng and Western Cape

In 2017 alone, we saved more than 70 million litres of water across our portfolio of buildings and projects, with up to 90% of reduction in consumption established at some of the commercial buildings. We have harvested more than 5 million litres of water.

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